LATITUDE 39 architects, found by Panagiotis Sarlis and Niki Kakali in 2016, is an architectural practice based in Athens.  The practice is dedicated to transforming spaces into immersive human experiences.  Working across a spectrum of scales – from intimate interior spaces to residential, hospitality, and urban projects – the team approaches with compassion to the context, social histories, and construction traditions of each project.

Inspired by the people and the culture resonance, we engage in a process of abstraction leading to subtle yet innovative visions for new realities. We create crafted environments that are informed by the location, the light, the co-existing harmony between structure, physical landscape and natural environment along with the sustainable output of it. Finding new materials, or even going back to reinterpreting existing materials such as stone, is important in enriching the spatial experience and the desired relation to the surroundings whether structure or nature.

Our design ethos revolves around integrity, seeking a balance between distinctive identities and architectural narratives that enhance the human experience ensuring a balance between tradition and innovation and sustainability.  our approach is rooted in the belief that spaces should elicit emotions, foster connections, and evoke memories.



Photography : Léa Martin


Copyright 2024, LATITUDE39
Designed by Chris Ouzounis
Built by Thodoris Tsirkas