New Archaeological
Museum of Sparta

Sparta, GR

The proposal introduces the NAMS Museum as a landmark of social events. Located in a site with great importance the proposal aims to revitalize the formerly industrial area creating an open, flexible, dynamic, multifunctional space. The museum will explore the history of Sparta through cultural activities, interactive exhibitions and public events.



The new museum incorporates the existing building (formerly “HIMOFIX” factory) creating a unified organism which serves as a contemporary public space without diminishing its historical importance. The facades are combined with a translucent layer of rotated louvres. The alternating cladding system creates the illusion of motion while filtering natural light.

NAMS is neither isolated nor exclusive, but open and permeable; a constantly evolving public event. Spartas many inherent dualities are expressed through the opposing qualities of the space, which is at once narrow, open, bright and dark which in turn deliver the museum’s narrative. The characteristically fluid interior lends itself to a unique experience which may vary greatly from one visitor to another. The use of the pre-existing building as exhibition space allows it to remain an experiential and visual piece in itself. Interconnected interior and exterior spaces as well as laboratories accessible to the public create opportunities for experiencing art and learning. All public spaces located on the ground floor are being opened up to the ancient ruins and the park.

The park mediates between the museum and the surrounding urban and rural landscape providing access from all four directions. It is the cultural node for a series of public, social and educational events. The organic forms and fluidity of the interior extend out into the landscape creating opportunities to learn, discover and observe through experience.

Taking into consideration the principles of SPACE – TIME and MEMORY as well as the ongoing excavation research, the museum has been designed as a shifting space related to the surrounding park and the existing ancient ruins. The movable panel system and showcases of the ancient artifacts add to the flexibility of the space and support the exhibition’s needs. Each section flows through a historical timeline exploring, sequentially, distinct periods in Sparta’s rich history in an interactive exploration of the themes of Devotion, Housing, Work, Life and Death, Productivity, Ordinance. The exhibition’s narrative is a multi-sensory experience with peaks and transition points expressed through various spatial qualities. It is a play of hide and seek, light and dark, wide and close, in and out.

The new NAMS Museum aims to be a cultural hub, designed to embrace evolving urban, museum and everyday life.

Project Team:

Panagiotis Sarlis
Niki Kakali
Maria Pachniotou
Eva Kotsailidi

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